Diy Christmas Wreath

Hello sweet friends, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been thinking a lot about our Christmas decor and this year wanted to keep things a little more simple and natural. I love the look of handmade farmhouse wreaths and knew we could create one for less than the cost of fresh ones from the market. This diy Christmas wreath was simple to make and is easy to customize to match any style of decor.

Between rushing to finish the cottage before New Year’s and trying to pack/organize our current home through the holidays, I just didn’t want to drag out boxes of decor to only pack them up again in a few short weeks.  With the weather still gorgeous here in the Midwest we have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. While we were out hiking the little ones and I decided to collect a few things to make our wreath for Christmas. We cut a few branches from evergreen tress and collected berries, paired with eucalyptus from the market made this wreath cost less than $15. Not bad for that gorgeous natural farmhouse look, did I mention it smells amazing?

DIY Christmas Wreath

I love how natural and whimsy ours turned out! The house smells amazing and I love how cozy and inviting it makes the entrance.

What are your favorite ways to decorate with natural decor?

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