Easy Gluten Free Coffee Cupcakes

It’s finally starting to feel like Autumn here in Missouri and with the days getting shorter, coffee is a must. I thought it would be fun to whip up these gluten free coffee cupcakes, I created from a boxed cupcake mix, to share with you!

We have always tried to buy natural and organic food, but lately have also slowly started to switch out our pantry items as well. I found this Simple Mills cake mix at the local market and thought it would be a good base mix to keep for a quick treat.  Its amazing how easy it is to make a simple cake mix a little more original in just extra steps.

I followed the directions on the packaging for baking ,  I just switched out the water for coffee and added 1 extra egg to the mix.  They ended up baking a little longer than the time listed, but only by a few minutes.

Once they were finished baking and cooled, I used Organic vanilla cake icing  and drizzled caramel on top with our honey dipper.

I was trying to go with what we already had so I decided to create a shaved chocolate look by using our peeler and a leftover Hersey bar from the little ones S’mores.

I think they turned out perfect for a tasty Autumn treat. They taste especially good with that extra cup of coffee!

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3 thoughts on “Easy Gluten Free Coffee Cupcakes

  1. Oh! I’ll have to try that, it’s hard to find certified gluten free batter mixes. Is the extract by chance certified? And did you make the caramel, or buy it. Thanks!

    1. The frosting is from Miss Jones and is also gluten free! The caramel is isn’t certified since I already had some left over but I checked the label and there isn’t anything in there that has gluten. Hope that helps!

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