Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer

If you have ever hosted Thanksgiving you know there is plenty to do even as guests start to arrive.  I wanted to come up with an easy Thanksgiving appetizer that would only take minutes to prepare and still keep guests happy.

I decided lots of finger foods would be best for adults and little ones alike. I picked up simple ingredients at the market to create an appetizer platter perfect for snacking.

Creating An Easy Thanksgiving Appetizer

I stuck with meat, crackers, and pre-cut cheese squares to create an adult style lunchable. I did add a few fancy cheeses for the more adventurous to try. I was able to find most of the cheese and meat in the deli section at our local Walmart.

I simply placed the ingredients on cutting boards and added rosemary to  give it a finished look. It only took a few minutes to cut the sausage and place everything on the platters. You could also have everything cut before and ready to be placed out as guests arrive.

What are your favorite appetizers for Thanksgiving?

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