Easy Valentines Day Breakfast

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Since Valentines Day falls on a school day this year, I’ve been trying to think of simple ways to make the kiddos feel extra special before they head out for the day. I decided to create an easy Valentines Day breakfast that’s quick but sure to put a smile on their face. 

I created these adorable mini heart pancake using frozen store bought ones and a cookie cutter. They ended up being the perfect bite size for the little ones.

I simply followed the directions on the packaging to heat the pancakes, then cut them with a cookie cutter after they cooled off. I topped them with syrup and powdered sugar to create a yummy breakfast treat.

My little ones love milk so I added a little corns syrup and sprinkles to the ring of the glass to create a fun sprinkled cup.

Twinkle lights, cute napkins and streamers were a simple way to add the perfect Valentines Day touches.

Overall this little set up only took a few minutes longer than our normal breakfast routine and will be the perfect start to Valentines Day!

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