Kitchen Progress | ORC Week 3

Thanks for dropping by for ORC week 3! We have been busy making progress on our little cottage kitchen the past week and I wanted to update you on how thing are moving along.

You can check out the before photos of our space here.

We were able to clear out the space and get to work painting everything. The old plaster walls have seen better days so we decided to use Kilz  Original Oil based primer to help lock in the old paint and grime.

Its amazing how bright and clean the space looked with just one coat. Like a lot of old homes the walls had smoke damage from the stove and cigarette smoke. We decided to use two coats of primer on the walls, ceiling, and paneling to make sure the walls were stain free.

We were able to install our backslash for the cabinets. The old tile was stained and dates and need to be replaced. We decided to use a faux brick paneling we found at Home Depot. I love the look of tile but we wanted the backslash to match the brick we plan to install above the stove.

Faux Brick Backsplash

Not only was the faux brick cheaper than tile but it gave us the vintage feel we where going for.

We hung it up using liquid nails and after it was painted we used caulk to give it a finished look. (We still need to seal the edges by the counter top.) I love the look of the vintage brick with the cabinets.

We also installed our new chandelier from World Market.

I love how the wooden beads help warm up the space. My favorite part is  the gorgeous design it creates on the ceiling when it’s lit.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us but I love how the space starting to feel more like home. I cant wait to share more of our progress next week!

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