Organizing A Small Closet

To say our little 888sq ft. cottage has a storage issue is an understatement. We’ve been slowly moving in day by day for this exact issue, we downsized and just don’t have the room to keep everything. Luckily we didn’t move to far from our rental so we decided to move a month before our lease was up to be able to pick and choose what stays and goes. Its been challenging to say the least, but I know our little family will be better off with out the “stuff” (you know, that we cant live without it but it just ends up cluttered “stuff”)
One thing every home can always benefit from is great storage containers. Over the years I found using simple baskets may look pretty, but not always practical in the closet or pantry. I was so excited when The Dharma Door sent me their gorgeous Hessian Sack & Bucket duo.  Not only are these beautiful storage baskets perfect for our little closet, but each one is handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.

Since our bathroom is also lacking extra storage, the Hessian Buckets are perfect to hold the little ones toothbrushes and other daily items. This way they can easily take it with them and return it when they are done, no more toothbrushes stored in the bathroom YAY!

The large Hessian Sack is perfect for to store bathroom linens but large enough they can hold just about anything! We are currently using ours as a hamper for now.

Can you believe this is the before photo of our closet??

Its amazing what a little (ok maybe a lot) of paint and gorgeous storage can do to update a space! Make sure to head over and check out the Hessian Collection while they are on sale!

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