Simple Diy Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas and our move-in date quickly approaching I’ve been trying to come up with simple Christmas crafts that don’t take up too much time, but are still festive enough to get into the Christmas spirit. I created these cute diy ornaments with simple supplies from Michael’s that match our natural decor and still have that homemade farmhouse charm. Not only were they inexpensive, but only took a few minutes to create.

DIY Glitter Ornaments

Wooden Ornaments


Tacky Glue

Paper Plate

Foam Craft Brush

Apply glue to ornament then sprinkle glitter over making sure its fully covered. To make less of a mess I used a foam brush and paper plates to apply the glue and glitter to the ornament. This also allowed me to reuse the extra glitter that didn’t stick.  After its dry simply add new string or ribbon to hang it on the tree.

DIY Glitter Pine cone Ornament

Pine Cones

Tacky Glue


Foam Paint Brush


Use the wire to wrap around and create a hook to attach the string to the pine cone. After the robe is secure, use the foam brush to apply glue to the edges. Sprinkle glitter over glue and let dry.

These simple diy ornaments would be perfect tucked into a gift basket or make adorable gift tags! I plan to come up with a few more to make our natural farmhouse decor. What are your favorite Christmas ornaments to make?

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