Tips For Creating A Cozy Fall Patio

Fall has always been my favorite season so with the temperature dropping here in Missouri, we’ve been spending our nights outside by the fire. I wanted our cozy Fall patio to reflect the season so we added lots of pumpkins and natural decor to create the perfect space for nights snuggled by the fire.

We spend so much time outdoors so like to keep our patio set up year round. I love to add lots of pillows and warm blankets for the little ones to keep warm by the fire.

Our wildflowers garden is still going strong and keeps the patio green until the frost. We also have been growing blackberry vines on our string lights, hopefully they will be back next year!

Since it has been getting dark so early I added a few candles to help light the space. The little ones bring books outside or spend the evenings star gazing. Making hot chocolate by the fire is also a family favorite.

Tips for creating a cozy Fall space

Light a fire

Have lots of cozy blankets available

Add candles

Make hot chocolate or roast marshmallows

Add twinkle lights or string lights

Read books/star gaze

What are your favorite ways to stay cozy?

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